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Prevention, Regeneration, Longevity

By Marjan Fathallahpour

Dr.T.C.M., D.H., N.H.C.P., C. Iri., C.H.,

My years of study and practice in Natural Medicine have taught me that if we choose to focus on diet, exercise, and supplements as separate or individual solutions and remedies, a complete and thorough result is unachievable. Therefore, as a Lifestyle Coach, I have designed a method where each component is carefully integrated. Beyond just the physical aspect, I also incorporate the mind and spirit through techniques like hypnotherapy, tapping, meditation, and visualization. This creates an all-encompassing approach to truly complete health.

We provide different alternative methods for individuals who are serious about their health.

25% of your visit will be donated to the charities.

Please visit our page “Pay it forward”.

First Session: The Beginning of The Journey  

 Filling a detailed questioner (We will ask you to fill out the questioner prior to the session)  

 Examining the tongue (We will ask you to take a picture of your tongue and email it to us prior to the session)

 Weight and measure of various body parts (have that ready by the first session)

 Prescription of initial Natural remedies

 Instructions of specific tasks particular to the client

Cost: $120.00 (1 1/2 hrs.)

Second Session: Life Style

 Working on client’s living environment (to create a healthy and chemical free living)

 Discussing plant based recipes  

 Prescription of Natural remedies

Cost: $ 80.00 (1 hr.)

Third Session: Awakening

 Reviewing the case based on the previous session

 Mental and spiritual Training  

 Mini visualization / mini meditation  

 Prescription of Natural remedies

Cost: $ 80.00 (1 hr.)

Forth Session: Body and Soul  

 Altered exercise for clients  

 Helping clients choose new activities

 Hypnotherapy session (having a goal, self confidence and being positive)  

 Prescription of Natural remedies

Cost: $ 80.00 (45 min- 1 hr.)

Between Sessions

 Sending the clients weekly food logs

 Keeping track on their bowl movements

 Keeping track of their mental and emotional state

 Following up with clients to keep tracking of their diets and tasks

 Checking if there is any emotional or food obstacles

 Answering questions

Cost: NONE

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