Marjan is an outstanding teacher. I have always been impressed by the quality of the material she provided to us in her Iriodology class. She is well-organized and prepared and I feel grateful for this informative and fun experience. 


Marjan sets high, but reasonable standards for her students and provides them with the tools to grow and succeed. Students are motivated and intellectually stimulated in her classroom. An insightful educator, Marjan cares deeply about each student and strives to ensure that everyone is equally engaged in the learning process.

I would highly recommend Marjan's classes because I trust her intentions and her method of teaching.




I was taught Iridology & Sclerology by Marjan Fathallahpour in 2008 and the information I gained was invaluable! The course was perfectly balanced with theory and practical studies. She taught so creatively the theory of Iridology & Sclerology which included the history, structure of the iris, iris constitutions, pupil distortions and variations, inherited weaknesses, anatomy and physiology. This was accompanied by needful hands-on experience which included more than 36 case studies. 

Marjan teaches in great detail about the symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention of over 20 diseases. For the treatment and prevention of diseases she specifically emphasizes on diet with a TCM approach using food energetics and how food can balance or imbalance the body. In addition, supplements and lifestyle is also discussed in great detail relative to the treatment and prevention of each disease.

Marjan is a pioneer in health and wellness with an extensive educational background in alternative medicine and she has over 15 years of clinical and teaching experience. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become an expert iridologist and who wishes to use this modality to improve the health of their clients and loved ones.

Thomas Leek CNP, ROHP, RNCP
Holistic Nutritionist


I completed the Iridiology course in 2014. I had only a vague idea of this science. Iridiology is dependable in that it has allowed me to identify imbalances or deficiencies in my clients. The accuracy rate is incredibly high when compared to other nutritional testings. As a result, I deem Iridiology a promising tool which other practitioners may implement to improve and consolidate their work with their clients. 

Diana G

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