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Institute of Natural Healing Adventures “Connecting and Re-membering with Nature”

Pay It Forward

When you invest in your future career through our training programs, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping support children, animal and nature.

Since 2001, Paradise Charity Group, a not-for-profit organization has brought hope, strength and joy to the lives of more than 9,000 children. Their  mission is to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged and those caught in the cycle of poverty. They provide emergency aid for extremely impoverished families, including health-cre consts, home maintenance, and the purchase of basic supplies and necessary appliances (e.g. stoves and refrigerators).Paradise Charity gives us the opportunity to impact a child’s life by helping put food on their table, provide clothing for them, help them attain a better education, and most importantly warm their hearts with our love and support.

At North Toronto Cat Rescue, they believe that all cats and kittens have value and deserve the chance to live out their lives in a safe and caring environment.With our support, and their hard work and determination, they turn this possibility into reality every day.

The National Wildlife Centre (NWC) works at the intersection of humans, native wild animals, and the environment with a focus on One Health. We exist to help native wildlife through a variety of programs aimed at conservation goals to protect ecosystems, populations of wild animals, and the health of individual animals through educating the public, creating collaborative opportunities for scientists and rehabilitators, and by providing training to students, veterinarians, rehabilitators, and the public.

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