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Institute of Natural Healing Adventures “Connecting and Re-membering with Nature”

     My journey began when I was diagnosed with cancer in 1998. Being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age is devastating, but at the same time, it instilled in me a realization of the joy of life, an appreciation of all the opportunities that have been given to me, and a deep sense of gratitude for life, nature, and good souls.

During those years, I have learned so many precious lessons that prepared me for who I am today. One of the lessons I have learned is how our beliefs can control our behaviour, gene activity, and consequently, the unfolding of our lives. Depending on the kind of beliefs we have, we are either prone to downloading our self-sabotaging beliefs into our subconscious minds without noticing and being aware of it, or we are able to significantly improve our life by empowering ourselves in all the areas—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Another invaluable lesson I have learned is in regards to the true, underlying causes of diseases. Specifically, the extent of the impact that chemicals can have on our well-being: it is much greater than it appears to be in our society, as it drastically impacts not only the health of our species, but also that of nature, as well as all the other species in the world.

With my successful recovery solely as a result of natural remedies, I became a Health care Practitioner. While this was a great start, I felt there was more to learn.


     I then simultaneously studied Chinese Medicine and Iridology, and became a Doctor of TCM and an Iridologist. Still, I felt there was even more to learn so I went on to get a diploma in Homeopathy, Animal Holistic Medicine Practitioner and Animal Communicator.

My qualifications, specialties, years of practicing, and experience as a college instructor inspired me to create unique programs that are not only in depth but practical; programs that help students to see beyond the superficial layers of diseases.  Students are taught how to become more connected and harmonious with nature.

Because of my love for nature and animals, I have devoted recent years to lecturing and giving workshops on the impacts of the environment, climate change, and animals on the human race.

As we train, educate, and empower more and more people, we can spread our message of “Connecting and Re-membering with Nature”.

Marjan Fathallahpour

N.H.C.P., Dr. T.C.M., D. Hom., C.Ir., C.H.,

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