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Institute of Natural Healing Adventures “Connecting and Re-membering with Nature”


At Institute of Natural Healing Adventures, we reconnect our students with nature. We strongly believe that if we want to become healthy and change the health of our family, our community, and even the world, we have to engage with nature and respect all other species. As we gradually spend more time interacting with technology, we become increasingly more disconnected from nature, more ignorant towards other species, and consequently, the more this is taking place, the more new diseases arise.

Now, more than ever before, we need to understand that the way we see the world is the way we have been treating it. As David Suzuki said, “A forest is a sacred grove, not a timber; other species are our biological kin, not resources.” We should see all of our companions in this world from a different perspective to be able to have respect and a deep sense of appreciation for what they have been given for their period of time on our beautiful planet, Earth.

We should no longer close our eyes and be ignorant about everything that surrounds us. We must realize that we are killing ourselves by viewing and perceiving deforestation as acceptable, by succumbing to our habit of choosing the wrong foods and diets, by causing and contributing to animal extinction, and ultimately, the final realization we will make is that soon, we will be absolutely unable to afford to be unaware of the consequences of our choices and actions. The truth is that we don’t have too much time left to reverse all of our transgressions, which means there won’t be anything left for all the generations to come.

The courses are picked very carefully and meticulously. They provide the knowledge along with mindfulness and conciseness. Through the courses, students will learn how to be observant and to use their senses to deeply understand the interrelationship between nature, animals, and humans. This will instill within students a deep sense of connection with nature and the Earth. This beautiful journey begins from within ourselves touches because we believe that inner peace and beauty radiate light to the outside world.

The courses are correspondence/distance education so you can enjoy studying at your own pace. Courses are intensive, detailed, and professional. The information you will gain can enhance your background in alternative medicine and even prepare you for work in under-developed countries.


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